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Project Info


SBPho, a vibrant Vietnamese restaurant in Santa Barbara, was dealing with a rather stale issue—their website wasn’t quite matching up to their modern, dynamic vibe. The main culprit? An outdated design, static menu, and easy way to order online order a . The challenge was clear—how do we transform this digital misfit into a contemporary, user-friendly platform that perfectly mirrors SBPho’s lively spirit and delicious offerings?


I focused on creating a fresh, modern website design that instantly uplifted SBPho’s digital presence, reflecting its vibrant atmosphere and mouth-watering food. But I didn’t stop there. The cherry on top was the responsive menu— revamped to be easily navigable, quickly updated, and incredibly user-friendly. Now, SBPho isn’t just serving fantastic Vietnamese food; they’re also serving an unparalleled digital experience!

Website Redesign

SBPho Website Redesign

Welcome to the new, reinvigorated SBPho website! The design transformation was all about capturing the restaurant’s dynamic spirit and mouth-watering offerings in the digital realm. I fused modern aesthetics with a user-friendly layout, ensuring visitors are greeted by not just a visually appealing site, but also an effortless navigation experience. The result? An online presence that’s as vibrant and inviting as a hot bowl of Pho on a cool Santa Barbara evening!

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