I'm Leon. A Marketer & Designer Making the Web a Better Place.

Blending traditional design principles and AI technology to create unique projects that captivate and convert.


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Website Creation

Got a story to tell but can’t find the right stage? Let’s build it together! I craft sleek, fully functional, and irresistible websites that aren’t just digital spaces but powerful, customer-winning platforms.

Website Design

Need a fresh look for your website? Look no further! I will redesign your website to bring a unique and recognizable flare that increase conversion rates and wow your customers.

Website Development

Need a new website from scratch? I’ll sit down with you to ensure that your website is exactly what you are looking for while meeting and exceeding all SEO, performance, and modern web-design standards.

Hosting & Maintenance

The web is constantly changing, causing issues with compatibility, plugins, encryption standards and more. I’ll handle all the technical stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.

Digital Marketing

I don’t just ‘do’ marketing; I live and breathe it. I build strategies that push boundaries, create conversations, and turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Ready to become the talk of the online town?”

Content Strategy

Content is king, but strategy is its kingdom! In the realm of content strategy, I dive into the heart of your brand, crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience and drives engagement. We’re talking not just words, but meaningful conversations that inspire, educate, and convert.

SEO Optimization

Ever feel like you’re shouting into the digital void? Time to turn the tables with SEO optimization. It’s not just about getting you noticed but about putting you on the digital map where you truly matter. Let’s unlock the power of keywords, backlinks, and analytics to boost your visibility and drive that sweet, sweet organic traffic.

Managed PPC Ads

Welcome to the fast lane of digital marketing—managed PPC ads! It’s not just about clicking, it’s about connecting. I craft compelling, conversion-oriented ads, and strategically place them where your potential customers are ready to make a decision.

My Process


Your goals, my mission. Here’s where I wear my detective cap, getting the lay of the land and shaping our strategic roadmap.


Bring on the creativity! Drafting and sketching your digital identity, creating a unique blueprint that’s all about you.


Polishing to perfection! I tweak, twiddle, and tailor till every pixel and letter falls right into place and sings in harmony with your vision.


It’s coding time! Here, I transform our polished design into a fully functional, user-friendly, live website, blog post, or campaign.

Featured Work

Website Development

Digital Marketing Agency

Meet ‘Overseer Marketing’, a leading digital marketing firm with a taste for innovation. In this project, I injected their vibrant ethos into a dynamic and interactive web design. The outcome? A captivating digital platform that reflects their cutting-edge approach and invites users to explore the world of digital marketing.

Website Redesign

Local Restaurant

Feast your eyes on ‘SBPho’, a family-run eatery with a heart full of flavor. My goal was to translate their warmth and culinary passion into a tantalizing website. The result? An appetizing digital experience, full of mouth-watering visuals and an intuitive online booking system, that leaves visitors craving more.

Website Development

Therapy Practice

Introducing ‘Solomon Nudungo’, a therapist committed to helping others navigate life’s challenges. For this project, I aimed to create a serene and secure online space mirroring their therapeutic approach. The end product? A calming, user-friendly website that not only informs but reassures visitors, setting the stage for a healing journey


“Working with Leon was a solid experience. He translated our ideas into a functional website and offered a practical marketing strategy that’s noticeably improved our site traffic.”

Dave Walsh

“Leon definitely knows his stuff. He revamped our website effectively and his marketing suggestions have made a real difference in our customer engagement.

Jason Smith

Leon’s skills in web development and marketing are commendable. Our new website is performing well, and his marketing advice is clearly having a positive impact.

Brianna Thorn

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About Me

Hello! I’m Leon Schoenfeld. I’m Here to Bring Your Vision to Life!

Currently, I work with an amazing digital marketing agency called Overseer Marketing but I’m also available for individual projects and part-time work. Let’s have a conversation about your next big thing!

  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO & Content Strategy
  • Social Media & PPC Advertising

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